Friday, July 16

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Thursday, July 15

Do you ever get in that mood where you just want to dance crazy all over the place? Sometimes, like when I'm watching tv and am inundated with silly dancy commercial songs, (especially when watching VH1, which has hilarious songs all the time), I jump up and dance all around my apartment and it's very funny. I crack myself up. One of the only downsides to living alone is that there is no one here to see my hilariousness. When I'm dancing around alone, it sort of looks like the above two photos, except they were taken in Tyler's kitchen.

Thursday, July 1


Why are marshmallows so goddamn good? I just discovered a bag of them in my cupboard from when I made Tyler's birthday Rice Krispies Treats--or should I say Crispy Rice Treats, since they're...(ssh, generic). Speaking of crispy treats, I noticed that fresh, warm rice crispy treats taste a lot like fresh, hot Krispy Kreme glazed donuts. And they probably have a third of the fat of Krispy Kremes. Man, that made me have to go get a bowl of Rice Krisp--oops, I mean Crispy Rice. If only they made marshmallow flavored soy milk, it would be perfect. That Rice Krispies Treats cereal is gross. Mmm, I wonder if it'd be good to get a marshmallow shake at Hawkins Pac-Out, then pour Rice Krispies/Crispy Rice on it? I think that would be yummy!