Thursday, July 1


Why are marshmallows so goddamn good? I just discovered a bag of them in my cupboard from when I made Tyler's birthday Rice Krispies Treats--or should I say Crispy Rice Treats, since they're...(ssh, generic). Speaking of crispy treats, I noticed that fresh, warm rice crispy treats taste a lot like fresh, hot Krispy Kreme glazed donuts. And they probably have a third of the fat of Krispy Kremes. Man, that made me have to go get a bowl of Rice Krisp--oops, I mean Crispy Rice. If only they made marshmallow flavored soy milk, it would be perfect. That Rice Krispies Treats cereal is gross. Mmm, I wonder if it'd be good to get a marshmallow shake at Hawkins Pac-Out, then pour Rice Krispies/Crispy Rice on it? I think that would be yummy!

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