Thursday, November 25

Meggers just posted an interesiting spot about what the internet does to us and how it affects us socially. It does seem kinda silly, because when you think about it, blogging is not only about reading other people's thoughts and experiences, but reading them because they are, quite possibly, better than your own. I have recently become obsessed with this Australian dude's blog because it not only is well written, but is also funny and human. I find it comforting to read that other people in different parts of the world experience the same stupid randomness that characterises life.
Basically I just love to know that if I'm having a shitty day, someone somewhere else might be having a similar shitty day. And I've had lots of shitty days lately, mostly due to my own stupidity, and not really relatable in a tangible way to others' shitty days, but, you know, it's all about being able to say, "I had a shitty day--you too?"
I'm not always like this, just a lot lately.


mambinki said...

that is a good point and like I said in my blog, I am certainly not trying to judge other people who use the internet, blog etc. And it is nice to feel a connection with other people by having some basic knowledge of what others do in their day to day lives (especially since I don't know many people here in Bama). But sometimes I feel pretty lame about it all, like I am wasting oodles of time and energy when I could be reading or actually interacting with people in real life. but its my own problem- obviously, and knowing me I will continue to think about it and pick it apart. Hope you had a good tday.

knifey said...

dance on, you crazy beautiful human, you!