Saturday, July 26


I've discovered the best website in the world: Just as it sounds, Unclutterer is a website devoted to helping people declutter things in their lives--at home, at work, on your computer.

I spent last weekend decluttering my apartment. I cleaned some stuff out of my front closet, got rid of extra and unneccesary furniture, and rearranged my "work area" where my computer sits. I had it facing out a window where all I could see were tree leaves or insane squirrels. Now I put it in the corner facing into the living room, (and the TV): my chair is next to the window with a view of the mountains--at least, the smidgeon of mountains I can see through the trees. My living room is so pretty that I like being able to see it, (and the TV), over my computer screen.

Anyone who knows me knows how much junk I have, (or, should I say had), lying around my house:

  • Stuffed animals.
  • Millions upon millions of unwanted diet books received from my parents.
  • Clothes I've owned since high school which are no longer in style or in my size.
  • Half-finished craft projects and craft "supplies" consisting of loose magazine pages, bits of ribbon, several types of tape, old jewelry, doll heads, origami paper, foil, fabric, thread, any and all things plastic and name it, if it's not biodegradable and should have been tossed/recycled years ago, I had it in my closet until Saturday.
  • So many plates and cups and glasses that they wouldn't fit into a reasonable-sized cupboard AND they don't match my set of dishes.
  • Duplicates and triplicates of kitchen things I only need one of (if that), such as measuring cup sets, collanders, pastry brushes, plastic strainers (for canned food) that break upon first use, half-melted get the point.
  • Ugly, cheap, broken-down furniture that came from former apartments (I've lived here for 3 years).
  • Socks, gloves, and earrings that I don't have pairs for.
  • Bottle upon bottle of nearly-empty hair product.
  • Tea boxes with only 1 or 2 teabags left in them.
  • Nearly empty pens.
  • At least 10 pairs of sunglasses missing a screw to attach the arm.
  • Shoes that I bought because they were on clearance and will never wear because they are uncomfortable.
Bear in mind, this was just the unneeded stuff in my kitchen cabinets, bathroom and 1/2 of my front closet. I still have my bedroom closet, dressers, hall closet, laundry closet, living room media storage, and the storage area on my deck.

Now I feel I must continue the decluttering, but I don't know which area to hit today. I hate feeling restless.


Mambinki said...

Dear god you and I are uncluttering fools. I love this website, thank you for emailing it to me! I also uncluttered last weekend- concentrating on Under teh Bed, my bedroom closet and my file cabinet. Part of my issue is I have a lotta stuff and hardly any space.

Jenny said...

My favorite feature of is Unitasker Wednesday!

Jody said...

Thanks for the link!

I've been feeling extremely restless lately and I think it's because I really need to declutter.