Monday, January 31

Bad Jenny!

Sometimes my job is just intolerable. And sometimes, I let it get to me. Like today. I got this call from this frigging asshole who was really rude and told me and my company to shove it because he got a bill for something he imported into this country. People simply can't comprehend the fact that when they import things into this or any other country, the government charges taxes on the items and they are not immune from it just because they don't like it. He told me that in the future, my company shouldn't deliver anything to him if the person sending it has asked for him to pay for it because he doesn't like our company. Like my company has anything to do with Customs charging him for imports. So I did him one better and contacted his local delivery office and let them know that he hates our company and that he wants to refuse any and all packages we have for him in the future.

I had to ask him for his address so I could pass along his message, and when he told me his street name, he spat it out really fast, which was impossible to understand given that he had a very thick accent. He was annoyed that I had to ask for his address in the first place and didn't just magically know it, but, you know, I had to know where we weren't to deliver the cursed packages in the future. So he said it again very fast. The name he said sounded like "Chris Lake Road," and I thought that might not be right because that's a fucking stupid name for a lake or a street (as would be Mike Lake, or Jen Lake, or Dave Lake--you get the point). So he replies with, "We are speaking English here, aren't we?" And I wanted to reply, "Well, I am. You aren't, sexist bastard." But all I said was, "Please spell your street name for me." It was Chris Lake fucking Road.

After I got his unpleasant ass off my phone, I thought, "You fucking asshole. I could call Homeland Security on your ass and totally make something up and make your life hell." It was horrible! But I think people make things hard for themselves when they refuse to be polite at all.

So fuck him.

I don't usually have a problem with people who have accents, unlike most of the people I work with. They are just plain racist and I am not like that. But rude people are rude people, regardless. I would never really call anyone on his ass. I'm sure it's not that easy, anyway. I'll just live with the satisfaction that the rude people I talk to every day make their own lives a frustrating hell by being assholes. But I hope his local delivery office keeps packages from getting to him. And I hope our billing office keeps sending him bills for things he's not getting.

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mambinki said...

Oh! So sorry! I was often puzzled when I worked near your cubicle that you were rarely bothered by people's crappiness on the phone. That is a tough, tough job as it is just so much easier to be a total ass to someone over the phone than it is to someone in 'real life'.

But you are right. People who act like that have tough lives because they freak out about everything and think they are the only one with issues and hassles. While I worked for That Company, I wondered how these grumpy people dealt with REAL problems, like their kids getting in trouble or car accidents or something. Man. Probably not very well.

Good for you for keeping a relatively positive attitude unlike most of the people at QBI who have become bitter and the highlight of their lives will be gastrointestinal bypass surgery.

But shit, I do miss those big ass paychecks!!!