Wednesday, November 30

I have baby puke all over my neck, but I don't mind. Reed is just so gosh darn cute! What I do mind, though, is the fact that I can't get the stink from whatever Hank rolled in off of me. I keep waffling between wanting to get a dog and not wanting to get a dog, but lately I've just been thinking I might be too lazy for it. But then again, all I ever do is watch tv anyway. But then again, I'm not sure I could afford it. Not to mention the fact that if any future doggie chewed up my furniture or shoes or pissed on my carpet or scratched up my doors or walls, I would go bonkers. But I do have 4 plants, and plants aren't fuzzy and they don't have wet noses. And you can't put silly trenchcoats on plants.

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Kelly said...

I feel a little guilty for saying this, but Hank's cuteness just pales in comparison to Reed's.