Thursday, November 20

80's songs sure do sound alike

Listening to coworker's radio:

Me: Hey! I like this song!

Me: Doon'tdoon'tdoon'tdoooonn't--doon't yoouu forrgeet aboouut meeee! Doon'tdoon'tdoon'tdoooonn't!

Me: Hmmm, is this the song from The Breakfast Club or from Pretty in Pink?

Me: Breakfast Club, duh.

Me: Duh! But what is the song from Pretty in Pink? How does it go?

Me: But how can I forget you, girrrl? When there is always something there to remiiind meee?

Me: No, dummy, that's not it.

Me: Where is that song from? Is that from some other Molly Ringwald movie?

Me: No, dude. I think it's from The Wedding Singer or some other inauthentic 80's movie--

Me: Like Donnie Darko, but not Donnie Darko.

Me: The song from Donnie Darko

Me: Mad World?

Me: No, the other one......faaate, up agaaaaaaaainst your wiiiiiiiiillllll, through the thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick and thiiiiiiinnnnnnn...

Me: Or something.

Me: That movie is overrated.

Me: But I like Maggie G.

Me: Maggie G. is rad.

Me: I like The Wedding Singer.

Me: Yeah.

Me: What is that damn song from Pretty in Pink?


Coworker's radio 2 hours later:

Me: If you leave, don't leave now........don't look baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Me: Oh, yeah!

Me: Duh.

Me: I always get those damn songs mixed up.

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