Sunday, November 9

Would this be considered magical thinking or something else?

I lost one of my favorite earrings today. It's a little metal straight piece with a wooden heart at the bottom, and the heart has a baby deer painted on it. It dangles about 2 inches below my ear.

Mikela and I walked from her apartment to Highlands Hollow, and I was wearing a huge cowl-like scarf that wrapped all the way up to my ears and my earflap hat. Between these two things, it's not surprising my earring got knocked off. I noticed it was missing in the restroom at Highlands Hollow. I was bummed, but in the spirit of Poppy in Happy Go Lucky, (who doesn't get too upset after her bike gets stolen, other than to say "I never even got to say goodbye!"), I decided not to make a big deal out of it. I told myself that if I just didn't worry about it, I would find my other earring.

On the walk back, while Mikela and I were enjoying yummy butter mints from Highlands Hollow, I spotted something heart-shaped on the sidewalk at the corner of 15th Street and Hill Road. I knew it--it was my earring. ( And by this time I'd totally forgotten about it, and I just happened to glance down at the sidewalk at the right moment). So the two little baby deer are happily reunited! I will have to be more careful when wearing winter gear and dangly earrings!

Here is a photo of Mikela and I in our matching earflap hats (A total coincidence that we each got one. But I had mine first AND I've been wanting one for two years; it's only this year that the've popped up everywhere).


Mambinki said...

Jenny, I just lost one of my favorite earrings today! Wah!

Jenny said...

I hope you find it! Someone needs to make them un-fall-off-able!