Wednesday, December 31


I got some really cool stuff for Christmas this year, including a huge neon yellow reusable shopping bag that comes in its own pouch--which I will actually be able to keep in my purse and use on my almost-daily trips to the grocery store. His name is Baggu, and you can get your very own here.

I also got books, pajamas, some money, and two really cool pairs of earrings. One set is made of pretty antique Czech glass beads, and the other is of handmade leather. Here is a photo of the leather earrings, made by my friend Heather's own two hands (seriously, my neck is not this hairy!):

All in all, a pretty rad Christmas!


j4luck said...

Happy New Year!
Beautiful earings- your friend is talented, she could sell those at boutiques.

Noel said...

I'm glad you like Baggu. I'm a big fan. I'm also glad I've found your blog.

Jenny said...

Ah, yes, you can read about my craziness.