Friday, January 16

New shoes

I just got the cutest pair of shoes from Anthropologie:

I want to wear them with everything. I've already worn them with this awesome teal dress (it has pockets! I love dresses and skirts with pockets):

Speaking of how much I love dresses with pockets, look at the classy blue dress January Jones wore to the Golden Globes. I can't post it here because IMDB won't let me, so instead I'll post a photo of the scene that solidified Betty Draper as my favorite character on Mad Men (also one of the coolest scenes in television history):


j4luck said...

You will have to post a photo of one of your outfits with the shoes! They are awesome!
Are they comfortable? It's hard to tell, they look like they have potential to go either way.

Jenny said...

They're pretty comfortable because the heels aren't too high. They're actually a bit large for me in the foot but really tight around the ankle. It took some practice to walk in them. I'll probably wear them tomorrow with my inaugural outfit, so I'll try to post it!