Wednesday, December 21

My biggest pet peeve

I hate it when someone either sees or smells your food at work and says, "Eew, what is that?" I think it's really rude. Like, I don't look at someone and say, "Eew, what are you wearing?" even though that would be a valid question to many people at work, as would be, "What did you do to your hair?" or "What look were you going for when you put your makeup on, pill-popping middle-aged mom? Oh, whoops!"

There was really one lady in particular who used to do this, but she's dead now. Well, not really, but dead to my office, since she quit and everyone hated her. She was a crazy bitch and used to sit in the break room and harass everyone about their food, because everything looked wierd to her. Then I sat by this other girl who, I swear, complained about being able to smell other people's food before they had even taken it out of their cars and brought it inside the building. I read something in Miss Manners or something similar where someone complained about their cubicle mate's stinky food, and Miss Manners or whomever told them to get over it. If I were of some other ethnicity and someone said that about my ethnic food, I'd tell them they were racist.

Maybe I should coin a new phrase and call these people "foodist." And not like the gourmet type of foodist, or foodie. But someone who fears or is offended by strange food that someone else is eating whilst minding her own business and not trying to force others to like!

I say this because I made soup last night, and while it is very yummy, it will probably look wierd and smell strongly, since it has corn, green chilies, and cheese in a creamy base. Oh, yeah, and it has cumin in it, which is very smelly. And I've become apprehensive of bringing anything to work that isn't a frozen dinner because it causes people to freak out so much, which causes me to get pissed off!

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