Saturday, December 31

"Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About"

I have just discovered the most hilarious website of all time. A British journalist has a website called Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About. It is brilliant, witty, and long. I have been reading it for about 3 hours--it's been an ongoing project for this guy for many years, and he is representative of how British writers are just born funnier than Americans. Americans, (and apparently Germans like this guy's girlfriend), just so often can't seem to handle irony or satire or sarcasm or sardonic wit. They just get offended by it, per my usual experience. Look at the sentence I just read 45 times because it is simply RAD: "I'm surely not going to be able to pick out anything - my searching fingers are now too callused, from running them along Margret's reasoning in an attempt to identify the scar where it's been imperfectly welded to reality."
Oh my God! If I had the knack for metaphor/hyperbole/whatever that this guy does, I'd, I'd....I don't know what I'd do, but every time a thought passed through my brain I'd laugh and clap my hands with glee, no matter where I was or how insane people thought I was. I'd eventually end up in an asylum, drugged and muttering to myself, but, hey, isn't that where old age leads most people anyway?

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