Saturday, June 21


I haven't used this space for actual blogging for awhile. I haven't had time to breathe these past two semesters, let alone read or write or do anything I actually wanted to do. However, my workload of two papers per week (on the average) has left me with an addiction to writing that must be fed.

Sometimes I get weirded out about how the internet has changed the way we live our lives. If we'd been told in the 1980's or even the 90's that eventually we'd all belong to Facebook or Twitter or have webcams/personal websites that kept people updated on what we were doing from moment to moment, we probably would've thought it was absurd--only in a dystopian novel would such things occur. I think it's interesting and also a bit creepy that Facebook lets me know stuff like what books my friends are reading and who they're friends with. It's kind of like voluntarily submitting to Big Brother for reasons of ego. I wonder if people will eventually become so comfortable and so used to living this way that they'll be updating things like, "I just cheated on my spouse" or "I just took a shit."


Mambinki said...

It is all very true and very strange. I post about many boring details of my life and always think about how my grandparents read my blog. They comment on it each time I talk with them.

Jenny said...

I'm glad my grandparents are not computer literate for that very reason.