Sunday, June 22

Drinking is Dumb

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why must we go out drinking at night when it makes us so sick the next day? Aren't I a little old for this? I'm typing this at Leighann's house, where I spent the night because I was part of her femmes fatale dinner and drink-a-thon last night. Now it's 5 pm and I'm still here because I don't feel well enough to risk getting in some cab to go downtown and get my car. Leighann is not well, either and thus cannot take me to my car on her little scooter.

Stupid, stupid, stupid Jenny! I have "squandered my Sunday" as my friend put it so eloquently on Facebook. And I have my marathon day tomorrow that goes from 7am to 10pm and there is a fly buzzing around in here that is driving me insane. I need to get my shit together so I can swing by Port of Subs on the way home. Mmmm, Port of Subs. I am so hungry.

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