Sunday, September 14

Not So Smart

As anyone knows who has iTunes, every few months a new version of iTunes is available and you must update your iTunes with each new version or else you can't very well sync iTunes with your iPod.

I updated iTunes today to version 8.0 like my computer suggested. Version 8.0 has a new feature called the Genius Sidebar. It claims to "make playlists from songs in your library that go great together." I've only been running it for an hour, so I don't think it's had enough songs run through it to make playlists. What I have noticed about it is this: it puts a link to the iTunes Music Store in your iTunes window. Then it oh-so-helpfully "recommends" songs and albums that you are "missing" from your ultimate playlist, providing a convenient button so you can purchase them without having to take the pesky extra step of clicking on the Music Store icon.

I don't want to sound like the whiny beatnik on Mad Men telling Don Draper that ad men are swine because they create want, but I've had enough with Apple's aggressive marketing. I can't update iTunes unless I download their internet navigation program, Safari, which I don't use.

So, Apple, quit trying to force things on me that I don't need. I don't have a Mac, and all of your aggressive marketing is only turning me off. Oh, yeah, I'm also tired of your Mac vs. PC commercials.


j4luck said...

My boyfriend has been having this same complaint! Everytime he downloads the upgrade (which upgrades seem to come every week) he has problems with all his downlaods getting messed up. I agree, Leave us alone Apple! I'm still mad that the IPod I bought him cost $400, then a year later costs about half that!

Jenny said...

Just today I saw two different commercials making fun of those Mac ads with John Hodgman. Ha! (although I do think John Hodgman is hilarious). Also, make sure you never download the upgrade while your ipod is plugged in, or it will be ruined!

Bylertrewington said...

I recently read somewhere that the agency responsible for those new "I'm a PC" ads works on...Macs. LOL! I love my laptop more than anything but the Apple hegemony is out of control.

Jenny said...

Now, is that authentic irony or not? :)