Thursday, October 16


I've been having the hardest time not being super grumpy today. It's not like there's even anything to be grumpy about, really.

Last night I felt exhausted, so I begged off plans to see a movie and went to bed at 8. I woke up at about 2 a.m., and though I was extremely tired, didn't fall asleep again until approximately 30 minutes before my alarm went off.

I got up, eschewing the morning yoga workout since I'm still sore from the super-duper hour-long yoga workout I did on Tuesday night. I ate scrambled eggs and had some coffee, watched Headline News and farted around on the internet, as per my usual morning routine. I managed to wrangle my hair into an awesome 'do and put together a cute outfit. This is a good start to the day, no?

I didn't even feel grumpy or hostile towards other drivers on my way to work; it seems arrival at the office is what officially set me off. When I pulled into the parking lot, I found that someone had parked in the space I usually park in. This irked me, even though we don't have assigned parking. There's nothing that makes that particular space special, either--it's not next to the door or anything. I just didn't want to expend the mental energy to decide which other space to park in. When I walked in, I found my coworker at my desk checking the overnight messages on my phone. This is no big deal, but my first reaction was to snap at him, "what are you doing at my desk?!" Those were the first words I spoke to anyone today--not good!

When I went to eat lunch, I discovered I'd forgotten my book. I went to buy a pop from the other department, and we were all out of pop, (my company keeps a refrigerator full of soda for employees and customers for 35 cents each).

I just feel like I want to tear someone limb from limb and disembowel them, but I really don't have sufficient reason to be so irritable. I haven't even had any sugar today, which usually makes me insanely grumpy, followed by a light depression. I keep thinking maybe I should treat myself for dinner, but nothing sounds good to eat, and the Fred Meyer by my house stopped carrying the outstanding organic macaroni and cheese I used to get all the time. Hmph, I'll curse them next time I shop there (probably tonight or tomorrow) for sure!

Actually, a look at the calendar has reminded my why I'm feeling so irascible today: damn PMS!


j4luck said...

I can totally relate, I have days like that often. It usually does boil down to pms. Sometimes I feel so mean and bitter towards people and then I feel worse cause I'm sad about being such a bitch. Its not easy being a woman! It will pass though. They say dark chocolate is supposed to help moodiness. I found it too be a temporary cure. I like the Dove Promises because they have a happy message inside. Then not only do you get the euphoria from the chemical in dark chocolate, but you get a positive thought as well.

Jenny said...

Yeah, I like red wine maybe better than dark chocolate, but I love dark chocolate for sure!