Monday, October 13

Fried eggs and demonic furniture

I know, I know, I'm going to have to change the name of my blog to "I like to take pictures of my food." But yesterday I made hash browns with the leftover potatoes from Friday's potato salad. The hashbrowns turned out more like a giant latke,
(no, not that Latka), and today I ate the leftover latke with a fried egg on top:
which was insanely delicious. I doused it with Tapatio, but I'll spare you that image, because Tapatio-sprinkled food looks kinda gross.
On Saturday I had lunch with the wonderful A. Wolfe at Cafe Ole, which has surprisingly good fish tacos. After lunch, I wandered down to Renewal, where I beheld an amazing sight:
This may seem like a very mundane chair--and it is, except that it's upholstered in the same fabric as a couch my very old roommate Gloria brought into my apartment with Kelly in the year 2000. Several years ago, I met someone who had a love seat from this same furniture set. I'm pretty sure this was once all a single room set and the separate pieces are trying to find their way back to each other through me. I mean, seriously, it looks pretty demonic if you ask me, like the chair in the book version of The Amityville Horror that comes alive and tries to bite George Lutz, (I think it's a chair, though it may be some other piece of furniture). Real or no, that is the scariest fucking book I've ever read.
Renewal also had this gorgeous pumpkin-colored mid-century couch for a mere $229:
That's a steal! Oh, if only I weren't so broke!

After Renewal, I went to Hastings to rent Smart People and The Lives of Others. Netflix be damned! On my way out, I saw the following book, which I just had to share because it looks pretty amazing:
Yes, that's right; it's called "God's Concubine." Amazingly, according to Amazon, it is not about any strange religious sects, but rather, "In the long, complex second installment of her Troy Game quartet (after 2003's Hades' Daughter), Australian author Douglass moves her teeming cast of mythic heroes from ancient Greece to 11th-century England (aka Albion)." Okay, then.
I watched Smart People yesterday, and I really liked it. Thomas Hayden Church and Ellen Page were wonderful as always, and Sarah Jessica Parker didn't annoy me in the least since she wasn't playing that grating Carrie Bradshaw character. I have yet to watch The Lives of Others, of which I'm apprehensive because I'm afraid it'll have a heartbreaking ending and color my moods for days like Children of Men.
Finally, here is the photo Polly's husband took of me with my giant beer. Look how good my eyebrows look!


Mambinki said...

Let's see if I can comment on this now.

I also liked the movie Smart People, Thomas Hayden Church was the bright part of the movie for sure.

I also haven't seen the Live of Others, although it looks good because it also looks depressing. Did you like it?

Kelly said...

That couch was mine (not Glorias). I got it at an estate Sale on Harrison. The sale was at one of the big colonial looking white houses. The house was packed full of odds and ends as an old lady had been living there alone for years. That chair likely came from the same set.

Jenny said...

Wouldn't it be funny if it came from the house that looks exactly like the Amityville Horror house? Eek!

j4luck said...

Ok, I think it's completely weird that those pieces of furniture are trying to find their way back to each other. I fear that once they come together it will create some kind of spirit porthole in your living room! I think you should smudge each piece with some sage to be on the safe side.
Your food looks good, you should be a chef.

Jenny said...

Aw, thanks for the compliment, but you should really direct it to Kelly, since she's the once who taught me to cook!

I've decided maybe the furniture aren't demonic, just lonely. Poor guys!

Bylertrewington said...

I'm still baffled by your affection for Cafe Ole, but you're wearing me down. Is the taco fish battered? We hate battered fish! (I don't know exactly why that statement warrants the use of the royal we, but there you have it.) That furniture saga is funny and incredible! The orange couch looks like it wants to give me a hug.

Bylertrewington said...

Oh, yeah--who has (had?) the loveseat?

Bylertrewington said...

Okay, last one, I promise--The Lives of Others is one of the very finest films I've seen. And very, very sad at the end, true, but so incredibly well-written and well-acted that you'll be glad you watched it anyway. I saw it twice in the theater, which I never do anymore.

Jenny said...

You were channeling Gollum: "We likes our fish raw and wriggling!" Yes, the taco fish is battered. And delicious! Mmmm, battered fish...(drool)...

Why is it that the term "battered," which is horrible when used to describe a person or animal's situation, sounds so funny when applied to food? I'll never stop laughing about the box of "battered mushrooms" that was in the top of Tiffani's closet at the apartment on 5th Street.

Bylertrewington said...

Hahahaha I forgot about those poor mushrooms! We want to punch battered fish in the face.

Kelly said...

The house with that couch did feel haunted, but of course, a little old lady had just died in the house, so that might have had something to do with it. I have a problem where I really like old things, but I don't like haunted things, and unfortunately, the two kind of go together. Our house is pretty old, but I don't think it's haunted, although sometimes when it's dark, I think I see a dog on the steps. I've always wondered if a dog might have died here.

Jenny said...

I can't believe I thought that couch was Gloria's. It wouldn't have really gone with her suitcase philosophy.

What does Hank think about the ghost dog? Do he and the ghost dog ever spend time sniffing butts?