Sunday, October 26

Stuff and stuff

Last night I went to a party for the lovely Ms. Kelly M, who was in town for a few days only. I've been inspired by all the fashion blogs I've been reading in the past few days, and here is a photo of me before I left the house, complete with caption:

Dress: Macy's
Top: Fred Meyer
Jacket: The Gap
Hat & Boots: Urban Outfitters

Here is a photo of Kelly and her lovely friend Cecelia, who will neither break your heart nor shake your confidence daily:

Kelly is rocking one of the cutest haircuts I've ever seen. Here is a pic of she and I with our similar sheer black tops. I don't know why my smile looks so goofy; I must remember not to make this face in the future:

I managed to talk the party's host out of a jar of homemade tomatillo salsa, as long as I promise to return the jar. Score! I loves me some tomatillo salsa! Now I just have to pull myself together and get my car, since I had a few G&Ts and had to cab it home. Hmm, I wonder what this post would have to say about that!

Also, please take the time to read Mambinki's post titled All About Poo. Educational and funny!


Mambinki said...

I have been loving tomatillo salsa lately! Yum!
Thanks for the link, yo.

Kelly said...

That looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Jenny, you look adorable!
:) Polly