Saturday, October 25

My new favorite blog

Is this Finnish girl's fashion blog, cleverly titled Only Shallow. She's the cutest girl ever, with a close resemblance to Maggie Gyllenhaal, and she writes in English. She has links to oodles and oodles of other blogs about street style and vintage fashion. This supports my belief that Scandinavians are the most stylish people on earth; they're experts at rocking cool tights.

It makes for a great distraction from the depressing economic news found everywhere else on the internet.


Bylertrewington said...

She is cute, and I'm furious all over again that ladies get to have so much more fun with clothes than gents.

Today at work Kent told me my black-and-white striped t-shirt made me look like a slutty pirate. "That's kind of the effect I was going for," I said, to which he replied, "Done, sir!"

Sometimes work is fun.

Jenny said...

Ha ha, you slutty pirate! Yeah, and you get to hang out with cool people all the time, too, bastard.

j4luck said...

Thank you for sharing a totally non-political, anti-economic crisis, completely unserious blog to look at. I have been majorly avoiding blog world because I just can't take any more depressing news and political soap boxes. I miss my blissful ignorance terribly! Pretty picts. of the trees you posted too ! Chicago isn't that pretty this year, I think because of our crazy weather fluctuations.

Jenny said...

That's exactly why I posted it. I don't think it's good for people to be looking at that depressing stuff constantly. It doesn't do anyone any good, and it's not like reading about it over and over again will help the crisis any.

News diet!