Sunday, October 26

Precisely why I didn't go...

from Leigh Ann-

What a night! We had 120-150 zombies this year, the turn out was fantastic!

However, there were a number of Zombies who did not follow the Zombie Walk Codes of Conduct introduced before the walk and handed out on the back of the maps.

The Co-op has complained to me that their patio was left a mess of baby powder, Zombie Apocalypse fliers and other garbage. There were bloody hands prints on business windows downtown (which is seen in the eyes of the law as destruction of private property).

There were Zombies that came to Donnie Macs and ordered waters and pops, and then just left. NO PAYMENT OR TIPS for the staff and establishment that was soooooo kind in letting us have our after party there.

The kicker for me, personally, was when I was walking back downtown along Grove Street, I kept having to pick up the wrappers from the Zombie cupcakes I slaved to make for all the zombies. There were wrappers littered all over the sidewalks.


I wish I could focus on the good parts of the walk...but this shitty attitude that a number of Zombies had has thrown me over the edge.

Therefore, I resign from Zombie Walk planning. Good luck in the future.

I agree! I spent the whole night yelling at people who were not following the rules. Constantly I had to stop people from slamming on business windows, crossing the street and stopping traffic when it was the cars right of way. Specifically, I got super pissed at the people who crossed into the grove and STOPPED heavy traffic, all walking zombie slow and not being respectful of those around them.

And, the mess at donnie mac's was maddening too. So many people that are so disrespectful. The community DOESN'T want us to do the Zombie Walk because they believe we are just terrorizing and vandalizing. We can't prove them correct! We want this event to be safe and fun to prove that our "counter culture" isn't just a bunch of immature twats that just want to disrupt a community.

-Julia Green
Zombie Sarah Palin

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